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If you experience a life event (also referred to as a family or employment status change), it is your responsibility to notify the Payroll Dept. of the change in your status or your dependents' status within 30 days of the event. More detailed life event information on the Flexible Benefits page.

Opt-out of Paper and Get Your W-2 Electronically - Deadline January 18

Payroll Dec 21 NOTE: If you opted out of a paper copy of your W-2 last year, your choice will remain active for the current year. Go Green! The Payroll Department is offering all active employees with the opportu

IRS Withholding Calculator

Payroll Mar 9 If you are an employee, the Withholding Calculator can help you determine whether you need to give...

Direct Deposit

Payroll Jan 30 Direct Deposit Form must be received by the Payroll Dept....

Tax Forms

Payroll Jan 30 Forms should be turned in to the Payroll Dept. at 530 W. Reynolds.

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