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Leave Acknowledgement

If an absence is added by your school secretary or administrator, you will receive an email.  When you next log in to the Information System, a screen will appear which shows the entry as Leave Items Needing Acknowledged.

Check the box below Acknowledge and click submit.

If there is a discrepancy or error, speak with your school secretary or administrator.  You will not be allowed to enter any future absences until this is acknowledged.  It does not mean that you agree with what has been entered - it only means that you are aware that an absence has been entered for you.

Requesting Leave on the Absence Manager

Log in to the Information System.  Select Payroll Information from side menu. 

Select a day from the calendar(click on date).  Days in gray are included in the past pay periods and cannot be selected.

The Leave Request screen will appear.  Select the type of leave from the drop down menu. (See Leave Types on the right side of this page)

Enter the number of days.  To enter half-day, use .5 and not 1/2; then choose a.m. or p.m.

Check the box if you need a sub.

List any comments to be included on the absence report which is sent to Payroll.  Misc. must always have comment entered.  If attending a workshop or school event, please list name of event.

Optional - Additional comments to be included in e-mail:  List any comments to be sent only to your administrator.

Click Submit.  You will be returned to the Absence Manager screen.  Do not use the back button.  Your request hs been submitted to your administrator for approval and has been added to the absence report for Payroll.

To make changes on any absences already submitted, please speak to your school secretary or administrator.

You can access the absence manager and enter days from home.  This does not replace calling necessary offices and/or the sub service.

Travel Employees:  You will have an additional drop down box on your leave request screen.  You will have to choose from which location you will be absent.  The location drop down box will be before the type of leave drop down box.

Personal Leave Before or After a Holiday

If you are entering an absence for the day before or after a holiday, you must have this absence approved by the Superintendent.  When you are entering the absence, a box will pop up requiring an explanation for the request of leave that will be forwarded to the Superintendent's office for approval.  You will receive an email to let you know if the day has been approved.  Failure to submit an explanation will result in denial of the use of personal leave and the absence will be docked.