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Middle School Students to Participate in a ‘Mix It Up’ Lunch and Learn Hour

October 28, 2014


Members of the Springfield Race Unity Committee will join select District 186 schools to ‘Mix It Up’ during school lunch periods next week, as part of a national ‘Mix It Up’ initiative launched in 2002 by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project .

District 186 will recognize efforts to embrace new cultures and people on the nationally recognized ‘Mix It Up’ date of Tuesday, Oct. 28th. Grant Middle School will ‘mix it up’ with 8th Graders from St. Agnes. Select 186 schools and students across the District will also participate in ‘Mix It Up’ on Wednesday, Oct. 29th. That day, committee members will “mix it up” at Jane Addams Elementary School, during its lunch period at 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

The ‘Mix It Up’ lunch gatherings encourage students to take a new seat in the cafeteria and interact with peers and staff from different backgrounds. "The students of Jane Addams Elementary School love to talk with, learn from and entertain visitors,” said Addams Principal, Jennifer Hanson. “As we plan for all students to have a bright, positive and influential future, we have invited the staff of our District Office to join us for lunch on National Mix It Up day. Our students and visitors will have the opportunity to interact, learn something new and embrace the culture of our school”.

National ‘Mix It Up’ day has resulted in positive student interaction with peers outside of their normal social circle and a deepened understanding of social boundaries, divisions and a higher tolerance regarding social issues. "I am so proud and excited that we have schools participating in this significant event,” said Board President, Mr. Zimmers. ‘This is the Districts second year participating in ‘Mix It Up’ as we continue to make steps in the right direction to emphasize the importance of diversity.”

“We are very pleased that ‘Mix It Up’ is expanding to more schools, and salute the District for its commitment to promoting unity,” said Chairperson of the Race Unity Committee, Delores Martin. “We see this as a positive step for both students and the community as a whole. Thanks to ‘Mix It Up’, many students will make new acquaintances beyond their usual circle of friends��”a positive and welcome development.

For more information please see: www.tolerance.org

Addams Elementary School Principal, Jennifer Hanson
(217) 787-3144

Mike Lang, Springfield Race Unity Committee, Public Relations Coordinator
(217) 553-5978