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Springfield Public Schools will hold school at all sites on Friday, January 9, 2015.

January 8, 2015

The actual air temperature has increased throughout the day today and is predicted to continue to stay in the positive numbers into tomorrow morning. This combined with the predicted wind speed in the morning will allow for safer conditions according to the National Weather Service’s Wind Chill Chart.

District 186 would also like to remind parents that it is important to have a family safety plan in place. Please dress warmly for the frigid air and snow, but do not wait outside in extreme weather conditions for an undue amount of time - never longer than 20 minutes. We appreciate your support by reminding your children to dress appropriately for the conditions. This includes long pants, winter coats, hats and gloves, and warm shoes all of which should cover the skin.

1. Each family should have a plan covering what to do if your child’s school bus does not arrive due to a weather-related situation.
2. Develop the plan and practice it with your child. If you will not be home, instruct your child as to where he or she should go in the event the bus does not come.
3. Consider these questions: Where could your child go if he or she needed help? Who would care for him or her until you arrive? Is there someone your child could call to calm any concerns he or she might have?
4. If the bus does not arrive within a reasonable time (more than 15 -20 minutes) of its scheduled pickup and you have not received phone or text notification, please instruct your child to follow your plan and have an adult contact the District’s bus provider, First Student, to find out when the bus should be arriving.

Regular education routes: 544-7603

Special education & Early Start routes: 522-1312

We will continue to keep our families informed through ParentLink, the district webpage, Facebook, Twitter, text, email and the media.

Nalo Mitchell
Department of Communications