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Facilities community engagement session on educational standards Wednesday

April 24, 2017

A community engagement session for the fourth topic in a series of sessions to address District 186 facilities is set for Wednesday, April 26, at 6 PM at Springfield High School. Residents living within District 186 boundaries are encouraged to attend this session, which is focused on assessing how each school stacks up against a set of educational and facilities standards that have been determined in previous community engagement sessions and through the course of architect firm BLDD’s analysis of each building.

The first three community engagement sessions were focused on answering the question “where are we now?” and allowed attendees to provide input on the District’s buildings.  A session on a second topic focused on 21st century programs and facilities and what is possible. A third meeting focused on identifying and prioritizing planning principles that would guide any future changes. The presentations and feedback from those sessions can be found at www.sps186.org/ourschoolsourfuture. Wednesday’s session will continue the discussion around “where do we want to go from here?”

Childcare will be offered at this session and subsequent sessions. There are three more community engagement sessions on different topics throughout the spring, as well as more opportunities planned through the fall of 2017. For details, visit www.sps186.org/ourschoolsourfuture.

Facilities master planning is the process by which the District will create a comprehensive, collaborative, long-range vision to improve its school buildings and to address the changing demands of 21st century learning. The process will assess the physical structures and learning spaces, and create a shared vision with the community of a preferred future for District 186. The community engagement sessions will allow for input from all reaches of the city. This process will help District 186 prioritize needs, capitalize on opportunities, and decide how to thoughtfully bring the community’s ideal to life.