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FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES OFFERINGS 2016-17 134, 135 INTRODUCTION TO FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE CAREERS Prerequisite: None Open To: Freshmen Length: Year Credit: 1 This course introduces students to the field of family and consumer sciences and the many career opportunities available in this broad field. The course includes theory and laboratory experiences in the following content areas: nutrition and culinary arts; textiles and design; family, career, and community leadership development; resource management; human development and life-long learning; facility design, care, and management; and interpersonal relationships and life management skills. (Previously called Intro to Family and Consumer Science) 134, 135 INTRODUCTION TO NUTRITION AND CULINARY ARTS Prerequisite: None Open To: Freshmen Length: Year Credit: 1 Available at Lanphier only. This course is an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, wellness, and food preparation. The focus of this course is centered on healthy food, lifestyle choices, and culinary careers. The general goal is to prepare students for a career in the hospitality management or culinary arts field at a young age. The basic foundation of culinary arts will be covered, with an emphasis on careers and history of the field. Several guest speakers will visit this course, as well as the touring of restaurants and hotels. The overall goal for all levels of the foods program is to enhance student knowledge of food choices and to make students aware of the job opportunities and careers in the field. 204, 205 CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND PARENTING Prerequisite: None Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 This course will emphasize learning experiences that help students develop a working knowledge of how children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually from conception to pre-school age. Course content will cover the areas of: (a) prenatal development, pregnancy, teen pregnancy, child birth, care of an infant, toddler, and preschooler: (b) the social issues of child abuse and neglect; (c) current issues such as child care options, medical care, social agencies and empowerment of the teen parent as well as the career-focused parent to enable them to better deal with the needs of children. (Previously called Child Development) 205 ADVANCED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (Pending Approval) Prerequisite: Child Development, Parenting, or Child Development and Parenting Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Available at Southeast only. This course will provide practical, hands-on experiences that will introduce students to the Seven Core Content Areas (Human Growth and Development; Health, Safety, and Well-Being; Observation and Assessment; Curriculum or Program Design; Interactions, Relationships, and Environments; Family and Community Relationships; Personal and Professional Development) that are recognized in the field of early care and education as a mark of quality training and education. In addition to providing a strong pathway to post-secondary educational options, students will have the opportunity to earn a professional credential. 204, 205 TEXTILES AND DESIGN Prerequisite: None Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 The course focuses on skills development and will give students the instruction needed to successfully construct clothing and other sewing projects. Students will learn the skills needed to operate a variety of sewing technology. Instruction will also cover the clothing related areas of selecting clothing and textile products, and the social, physical, psychological and economic aspects of clothing. Projects will include construction of new garments, recycling and redesigning of used clothing, and the altering and repairing of garments. Trends in technology and fashion, how to dress for success, and the value of entrepreneurship in the sewing or apparel industry will be covered. (Previously called Clothing and Textiles) 204, 205 NUTRITION AND CULINARY ARTS I Prerequisite: None Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 This course includes basic classroom and laboratory experiences that include current issues and trends. Understanding basic food principles, health and nutrition receive major emphasis. The course content centers around the following areas: (a) meeting basic needs by applying nutrition concepts; (b) applying health and safety requirements while maximizing resources when planning, preparing and serving food; (c) using the decision-making process; and (d) promoting hospitality in food practices. Emphasis is placed on food safety and the prevention of food borne- illness. Information related to careers in foods and nutrition is incorporated throughout the course. (Previously called Foods and Nutrition I) 204, 205 NUTRITION AND CULINARY ARTS II Prerequisite: Nutrition and Culinary Arts I Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Available at Southeast and Springfield only. This advanced level foods course emphasizes: nutrition, technology, food selection and preparation, safety and sanitation, culinary science, and culinary careers. Laboratory sessions address more advanced preparation techniques, quantity cooking, prevention of food-borne illnesses, aesthetic value of presentation, and culinary management. (Previously called Foods and Nutrition II) 204, 205 NUTRITION AND CULINARY ARTS II: BAKING & PASTRY ARTS Prerequisite: Nutrition & Culinary Arts I Open To: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Available at Lanphier only. This course will focus on weights, measurements, and formulas for general baking classifications, handling and storage of ingredients, safety and handling, production of yeast raised dough products, cakes, cookies, batters, breads, biscuits, muffins, pies, and special dessert preparation. The course will cover the introduction of various ingredients and how they affect the finished product by giving a tender crumb and a well-developed crust, as well as the essential basic functions of ingredients and the techniques of scaling, pan preparation and sifting. 304, 305 FAMILY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING Prerequisite: None Open To: Juniors and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 This course is designed to assist individuals in achieving life satisfaction through responsible participation as adults in the home, community and workplace. Emphasis is placed on improving self-esteem, moral and ethical attitudes, the impact of technology, stress, housing, insurance, buying a car and personal budgets. Students will practice the skills for developing open communication with others, conflict resolution, decision making, problem solving, and time and resource management. Field trips and discussions that focus on housing, employment, insurance, and major purchases for personal or family use are an integral part of this class. (Previously called Adult Living) 305 NUTRITION AND CULINARY ARTS III: INTERNATIONAL FOODS Prerequisite: NCA I & NCA II Open To: Juniors and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Available at Lanphier only. This semester course is designed for the student who wishes to prepare a variety of foods originating from all over the world. Various regions of the world will be covered including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and the Mid-East among others. Various preparation techniques reflecting individual ethnic cooking styles will also be demonstrated as an integral part of the course. Students will study patterns of family meals, current customs, food habits, cooking techniques and equipment unique to those countries. The course will also include an overview of the nutrients needed for good health, in addition to information pertaining to careers in the area of foods and food service management. Can be taken for six-weight credit with additional requirements. 305 ADVANCED CULINARY APPLICATIONS I Prerequisite: Foods & Nutrition I and Foods & Nutrition II Open To: Juniors and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 0.5 Available at Lanphier and Springfield only. This semester course is designed for students who are interested in understanding advanced principles of culinary applications and food preparation. Attention will be given to safety and sanitation, nutrition, food preparation and culinary careers. 305 ADVANCED CULINARY OCCUPATIONS I Prerequisite: NCA I and NCA II: Baking & Pastry and NCA III: International Foods Open To: Juniors and Seniors Length: Semester Credit: 1 Available at Lanphier only. This course provides terminology, culinary math, and practical experiences needed for the development of culinary competencies and workplace skills. Safety and sanitation instruction and classroom application will prepare students for an industry recognized sanitation exam. Classroom experiences will develop skills to work in the front of the house, back of the house, and work stations. Additional content may include: event planning, customer service and relations, food service styles, baking and pastry arts, hors d’oeuvres, and breakfast cookery. Students will be provided opportunity training experiences on commercial equipment, and will have the opportunity to cater gourmet teacher luncheons. Students will be accepted into this course on the basis of an application process, and teacher recommendations. A student will have the opportunity to take the course more than one time, based on teacher recommendation and grade percentage from the previous semester coursework.