The 2015- 2016 District 186 Parent Engagement Roundtable will consist of parents whose children attend Pre-K through 12th grade. The meetings will give parents and family members an opportunity to meet with the Superintendent and other district leaders throughout the school year.
* Discuss District wide topics, concerns, celebrations
* Build relationships and partnerships to support students


District 186 Parent Engagement Roundtable Membership (Current 12/15)
2015-16 Meeting Documents
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Sep. 2, 2015Agenda
Senate Bill 100
Oct. 7, 2015Oct 2015PEngRdtbleNotes
Nov. 4, 2015Nov 2015PEngRdtble agenda
Nov 2015PEngRdtble Notes
Dec. 2, 2015Dec 2015PEngRdtble agenda
Dec 2015PEngRdtble Notes
Jan. 6, 2016Jan 2016PEngRdtble agenda
Jan 2016PEngRdtble Notes
Feb. 3, 2016Feb2016PEngRdtble agenda
Jan 2016PEngRdtble Notes
Mar. 2, 2016March2016PEngRdtble agenda
March2016PEngRdtble Notes
Apr. 6, 2016Agenda
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May 4, 2016Agenda
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