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The ISBE Family Engagement Framework Guide is a tool for ISBE, school districts, and schools to use in developing and expanding school-family partnerships to support improved student learning and healthy development outcomes. This resource brings together research, promising practices, and a consolidation of key program requirements to provide districts, schools, and families with tools to assist with planning, implementation, and evaluation of family engagement practices.

Title Author
2009 PTA - Seeing is Believing
2011 Seeing is Believing
Helen Westmoreland, Heidi M. Rosenberg, M. Elena Lopez, & Heather WeissHeather B. Weiss, M. Elena Lopez, & Deborah R. Stark
A Blueprint for Education
Supporting Families and Community
U.S. Dept. of Education
National PTA every child one voice
National PTA - Parent Guide for Common Core
Senate Testimony - 2007
Testimony - 2010
Anne T. Henderson
Six Types of Parent Involvement
Dr. Joyce Epstein
What type of family-school partnership?
Anne T. Henderson & Karen Mapp