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Directors of the Springfield Public Schools Foundation

The Foundation is led by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors. Our Board members are drawn from the community, provide diverse representation, and share a deep commitment to public education in Springfield. The Foundation employs no paid staff. District employees, through our partnership with District 186, provide administrative support.


Jack Elston, President
Tom Fine, Treasurer

Erica Austin
James Bremhorst
Patti Camille
G. Virginia Conlee
Chuck Davis
Kate Dunne
Kathryn Harris
Kathleen Holley
Desiree Logsdon
Sarah Maddox Graham
Wendy Mendenhall
Beth Moore
Vidhya Prakash
Steve Rosen
Diane Rutledge
Merle Shiffman
Mark Vasconcelles
Sameer Vohra
Nina Walthall
Susan Wilham
Mia Woods

Jennifer Gill, ex officio
Julie Hammers, ex officio
Bree Hankins, ex officio