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Gifted Identification Process

Springfield Public Schools recognizes that no one identifier should be used to identify students for gifted education opportunities. As a result, Springfield Public Schools has chosen a multi-faceted approach for gifted programing identification that includes objective as well subjective assessments and multiple entry points into the available gifted program offerings as supported by best practices in educational research on Gifted education (Click Resources for Gifted Identification Process to see more information). District-wide gifted identification occurs at the kindergarten and Grade 5 levels using a combination of standardized tests, student achievement data, and parent and teacher recommendations. This data may include but is not limited to the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA), Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, Parent & Teacher recommendations, and District Assessments. The CogAT is used district wide at the kindergarten and Grade 5 levels as an initial screener. This data is then put into a matrix for tested students along with Parent and Teacher Recommendations, performance assessments, and academic data. Points are given for evidence of student performance a year or more beyond grade level expectations. All tested students are then rank ordered by matrix scores and an invitation list is derived from these scores.

Testing for Students Not Attending Springfield Public Schools or Entered in the Gifted Program

Students not currently attending Springfield Public Schools may also apply for admittance into the gifted program. Students applying will be required to take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). This will be given in a single administered testing session using an online platform for all students requesting testing that do not currently attend Springfield Public Schools. This is also the process for Springfield Public Schools students who are not identified as gifted and not in kindergarten or Grade 5. The testing dates for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

Testing is closed for the 2018-19 school year.

Testing dates for the 2019-2020 school year

December 21, 2018 (Grade 5 students only)

February 18, 2019  (Kindergarten students only)

May 31, 2019 (Students who are entering grades 1 - 8 for the 2019-2020 school year)

*August 1, 2019 (Students who are entering grades 1 - 7 for the 2019-2020 school year)

* A grade 8 test is not available for the Fall testing season



Interested families must first complete a Parent Recommendation Survey which can be accessed in the link below labeled Parent Recommendation Survey. Families will be notified concerning the time and location of the testing approximately two weeks before the testing event. 

Qualifying students who live outside the attendance boundaries of Springfield Public Schools District 186  will be put on a waiting list and may be admitted once all other qualifying In-District students are placed, depending on space availability. The waiting list will be renewed each year with all students on the list being required to meet District gifted criteria, that includes the demonstration of current performance beyond grade level expectations. Tuition for Out-of-District students is also required. Further questions may be directed to Jonnell Baskett at baskett@sps186.org or (217)525-3226 ext. 102.


Parent Recommendation Survey

If you are interested in gifted services for Springfield Public Schools, please complete the Parent Recommendation Survey by clicking on the blue heading above. This is a required step in the gifted identification process. Once you have completed this, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your information and you will be notified of the next steps in the process. For more information on the process, please read the above section labeled "Gifted Identification Process" and the FAQ About Gifted Education. If your child is already enrolled in a gifted instruction program and is in Grade 5, please complete the survey as a part of the identification process.