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May 20, 2014

It’s apparent that there are serious Cardinal fans throughout our district and their loyalty can be infectious among students as well. It isn’t surprising that many favor the redbirds, but what I found remarkable was a special gift from a student to a respected fan.

Most students anticipate field trips, particularly a little boy that would get to visit Scheels for the first time. Management provided each student with a gift card for his or her personal use and it certainly made the outing one to remember.

Every child was excited to leave with something they owned, but the student that positively beamed as he shared the Cardinal tee purchased for his teacher was unforgettable. Although transition has been difficult for his family, and Mother’s Day would soon be celebrated, his wish was that his teacher would simply like her gift.

I can’t express the value of the student-teacher connection any greater than what was exhibited. Although his selfless act should long be remembered, it is the priceless gift of an education that will last a lifetime.

Darla ~