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Parent Mentor Visits the "Oprah Winfrey" Show

September 27, 2010
Springfield Public Schools Visits “Oprah” Show

September 22, 2010 – On September 23rd four members of the Springfield Public School faculty will be a making a trip of lifetime up to Chicago. On Thursday, the group that consists of: Jacqueline Gragg, Leuwania Baker, Diana Seawood, and Cynthia Daigre-Hines; will first take part in a private viewing of the documentary, “Waiting for ‘Superman.'” The film directed by Davis Guggenheim, showcases five students in the public school system.

On Friday the group will be part of the audience for a live taping of “Oprah.” The topic of the show will be a discussion on the documentary. The audience will consist mostly of educators. The show will then air locally, that Friday afternoon.

Wow! Two weeks ago I answered a question on the Oprah Winfrey site regarding the educational system and the themed topic "Waiting for Superman" which lead to a call from the show inviting me along with guests to be audience members for the show.

I had an exciting opportunity to visit Harpo Studios on Thursday evening for a viewing of the long awaited movie "Waiting for Superman" an educational documentary directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Davis Guggenheim.

This opportunity then led to us being a part of a live taping of the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday. It was very exciting to see a person that I have watched on T.V. for at least twenty years of my life. It was sort of surreal and quite overwhelming. I learned a lot about the process and the behind the scenes operations that we do not see when we are watching the show on T.V.

There is a before the show pep rally where Oprah has what is called a hype man or in her case Oprah has a hype woman who came out and got the crowd excited with an Oprah cheer of sorts as well as music and dancing in the crowd.

It was comical I thought but it worked by the time we where done you could not help but be overwhelmed with the anticipation of finally seeing Oprah in the flesh.

When Oprah came out we where stunned because she just walked in and it was like oh it's her. Then the crowd began cheering and clapping welcoming her. Oprah’s outfit captivated me as I am always waiting to see what she will wear next.

Overall the show it's self was most informative and thought provoking. The issues surrounding the movie "Waiting for Superman" weighed heavy on the hearts of the audience members. It seemed that everyone had a passion for education and great ideas for reform. I was happy to be a part of this viewing, as I was made aware of facts regarding the educational system that I was not aware of prior to the show.

I also left with a sense of feeling like I wished I could do more to help educators and parents to educate our children. I was reminded that we have a great school district that is putting forth great efforts to bridge the educational gaps in our communities.

As I returned back to Springfield I thought about what I was told by everyone that heard that I was going to the Oprah show. I was told by many people that this would be a once in lifetime opportunity and I agree it surely was.