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Once logged into the system, on the left hand side you will see a list of items. Click on the words Cumulative Folder. Your child's electronic folder will open. You will be able to see the following:

  • Under the General tab you will see information such as address, phone numbers, birthday, etc...

  • The Assessment tab shows results from standardized tests your child has or will be taking during his/her school years.

  • Grades - Report card will show here as teachers publish the grades for grades K-5. In grades 6-12, many of our teachers use an online gradebook and that will be visible as the gradebook is updated. You will also be able to see the report card as it is posted.

  • Attendance tab will show you daily, monthly and yearly attendance.

  • The Schedule tab for K-5 has the homeroom teacher, room number, a link to the teacher's email and web site; in grades 6-12 you will be able to see your child's schedule with links to the teacher's email and web site.

  • The Other tab lists school history (which school(s) the child has attended), and if the child has Special Education identification, this information is listed as well.

For additional help, please contact 585-5808.