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Reading Workshop

The Reading Workshop focus lesson occurs in the first 10-15 minutes of the workshop. Teachers include a variety of focus lessons in each of the following categories:

Comprehension Strategies/Skills
Word Solving Strategies

Comprehension Strategies/Skills:

* Houghton Mifflin comprehension strategies (monitor/clarify, question, predict/infer, summarize, Evaluate) and skills (compare/contrast, visualizing, noting details, sequence of events, identifying features and text structures of specific genres)

The State Assessment Framework also provides a list of skills students must know for their grade level.

Word Solving Strategies

*Reread and get the first part out of your mouth
*Blending sounds
*Using parts of known words to solve new words
*Taking apart multi-syllable words
*Using structural analysis to decode and understand words


* Phrasing and Fluency
* Reading the Punctuation

Responding to Reading (orally and in writing)

* Talking about what you've read (How to have a meaningful conversation)
* Answering a high-level question including text support and interpretation
* Character analysis
* Identifying the message or theme of the book
* Recording information (book title, author, genre, date) in your reading log

Occasionally, you will need to have a mini lesson focused on management, such as:

* Procedures for coming to the meeting area
* Developing guidelines for the work time together
* Taking care of our books (in the classroom library, independent book baggies, etc.)
* How to check out books to take home
* Sustaining your reading for a longer time
* Choosing "just right" books
* Deciding when to abandon a book
* Procedures for cleaning the area changing locations if using centers