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5th graders have officially done their 2nd issue of their newspaper.  See pictures to view it.  

Headline News by 5th Grade (2nd issue)

October 12, 2018   14 photos
Photos of Horace Mann volunteers and our students.

Shout out to Horace Mann!

October 9, 2018   11 photos
Photos of Grandparent Breakfast 3rd-5th

Jane Addams Grandparent Breakfast 3rd-5th

September 28, 2018   5 photos

Jane Addams Grandparent Breakfast 3rd-5th

September 28, 2018   0 photos

Jane Addams Grandparent Breakfast 3rd-5th

September 28, 2018   0 photos
Photos of Grandparent Breakfast K-2

Jane Addams Grandparent Breakfast K-2

September 27, 2018   36 photos
Life Lessons for Excellence 

●  I can make good choices even if I’m mad (or have an overwhelming feeling)

●  I can be okay even if others are not okay.

●  I can follow directions even if I don’t want to (or if it’s hard).

Friendship Circles in first grade

September 26, 2018   2 photos
Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade can have a special breakfast with their grandparents from 8-9am on Thursday.    Friday morning is for students from 3rd through 5th grade, 8-9am as well.  If you have students across the grades, choose one morning to attend.

Grandparents Breakfast

September 26, 2018   1 photo
Today was a big day for teachers at Addams.   We are a team that takes pride in our school, students, family and each other.   Mr. Grossen started us off with PARCC and MAP testing data.   Great job, kiddos!  Then we moved on to our MTSS, which is looking at the Mulitple Tiers of Support we have with our team.  We work hard to focus on the whole child, from social emotional needs to academic needs.  We are all stakeholders in each child


September 22, 2018   3 photos
Photos of UIS volunteers

Jane Addams thanks UIS volunteers!

August 24, 2018   6 photos
Photos from Meet Your Teacher Night

Jane Addams Meet Your Teacher Night

August 21, 2018   44 photos

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