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Photos of Jane Addams Luau

Jane Addams Luau

May 21, 2018   29 photos

Jane Addams Luau

May 21, 2018   0 photos
Photos of Mrs. Warrens retire celebration at Jane Addams!

Jane Addams celebrates Mrs. Warren’s retirement!

May 21, 2018   12 photos

Jane Addams celebrates Mrs. Warren’s retirement!

May 21, 2018   0 photos

Jane Addams celebrates Mrs. Warren’s Retirement!

May 21, 2018   0 photos
Photos of Jane Addams Fine Arts Night

Jane Addams Fine Arts Night

May 3, 2018   63 photos

A big thanks to Share the Spirit Foundation

March 29, 2018   21 photos
Students from Miss Nation

Miss Nation's Class Puts Rocks into Our Friendship Garden

March 26, 2018   14 photos
Take a look at all of the amazing student work in our hallways!

A Walk Through Our Halls

March 21, 2018   30 photos
Students who were referral free for the month of March got to paint rocks that will be placed in front of our school!

Our Behavior "Rocks"!

March 20, 2018   30 photos
Thank you Brandon and all of Systemax for being a great community partner and always helping support The Jane Addams School Store! We appreciate all that you do!

Thank You Systemax!

March 9, 2018   7 photos
Mr. Grossen talks with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students about the upcoming PARCC testing.  


March 8, 2018   2 photos
Thing 1 and Thing 2 fun!

Thing 1 and Thing 2

March 2, 2018   74 photos
Back by popular demand, we did balloon ping pong today!

Dr. Seuss Balloon Ping Pong

March 2, 2018   17 photos

Hats off to Dr Seuss

March 1, 2018   13 photos
Photos of Dr Seuss night

Dr Seuss Family Reading Night

March 1, 2018   80 photos
On Thursday, for our Dr. Seuss Out of the Blue we had marshmallow races!

Dr. Suess Marshmallow Races

March 1, 2018   14 photos
Wednesday we had fun by stacking cups for our Out of The Blue activity!

Dr. Seuss Cup Stacking

February 28, 2018   25 photos
On Tuesday, we played Minute to win it games to celebrate Dr. Seuss week!

Dr. Seuss Minute to win it!

February 28, 2018   13 photos
Thanks you Ms. Nancy and the kitchen staff, students got to enjoy some green eggs and ham for breakfast this morning!  Students will also enjoy reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss in their classrooms today!

Jane Addams Students Enjoy Green Eggs and Ham for Breakfast!

February 27, 2018   3 photos
We were so lucky to have a few special, guest readers come and help kick off Dr. Seuss Week! Firefighter Thompson, Firefighter Cookson, and Firefighter Surges spent time reading their favorite Dr. Seuss book to our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders! Thank you for spending time and reading to us! 

Guest Readers Help Kick Off Dr. Seuss Week at Jane Addams!

February 26, 2018   21 photos
Today our Out of the Blue Activity was balloon ping pong!

The Cat In The Hat Out Of The Blue

February 26, 2018   20 photos
Check out our math wall of fame!! We are excited to announce that there are 108 students now on our wall! Students have to score 85% or higher on their district math facts screeners to get their names on the wall! We are proud of our hard workers!!

Math Wall of Fame

February 16, 2018   1 photo
Photos of Spider Man visiting

Spider-Man brings some Valentine cheer to Jane Addams

February 14, 2018   13 photos
Students in Mrs. Crum

Students Use iPads to Publish their Writing

February 1, 2018   6 photos
Students participate in Agriculture in the Classroom activities.  

Ag in the Classroom - 4th grade, Layne

January 24, 2018   4 photos
Staff members review and reteach behavior expectations in all areas of our building to keep students knowledgeable and safe.  

Station Rotation for building expectations.

January 8, 2018   5 photos
Photos of Friendship Week at Addams. Subsequent photos to follow

Friendship Week at Jane Addams

January 5, 2018   1 photo
Photo of Grubbing with Grossen Take 2

Grubbing with Grossen Take 2

December 20, 2017   1 photo
Photo of AT&T Telephone Pioneers program. Subsequent photos to follow.

Thank you AT&T Telephone Pioneers

December 14, 2017   7 photos
Students who have been referral free got to enjoy a snowball fight with their classmates!  It was SNOW MUCH FUN! 

Respect Reward Snowball Fight

December 11, 2017   14 photos
Mrs. Crum and Mrs. Freer

Hour of Code

December 5, 2017   14 photos
Students raised money for United Way Campaign. Subsequent photos to follow.

Jane Addams United Way Pie In The Face

November 20, 2017   24 photos
Photo of Family Science Night. Subsequent photos to follow.

Jane Addams Family Science Night

November 17, 2017   18 photos
Photo of students playing cups for Mr. Grossen. Subsequent photos to follow.

5th grade students show Mr. Grossen how to play the "Cups"

November 17, 2017   5 photos
Jane Addams Basketball game against Black Hawk. Subsequent photos to follow.

Jane Addams Basketball

November 17, 2017   4 photos
Veterans Day celebration. Subsequent photos to follow.

Jane Addams Kindergarten honors our Veterans

November 9, 2017   20 photos
Jane Addams Trunk or Treat. Subsequent photos to follow.

Jane Addams Trunk or Treat

October 20, 2017   94 photos
Springfield High Band visits Jane Addams. Subsequent photos to follow.

Springfield High School Band and Flags visit Jane Addams School

October 3, 2017   12 photos
Photos of Grandparent Breakfast. Subsequent photos to follow.

Grandparent Breakfast

September 28, 2017   40 photos

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