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JR. Glee Club Schedule



All Jr. Glee Club rehearsals have concluded for the year.  Girls will wear Glee Club dresses and boys will be provided new dress shirts to wear with black dress slacks for the following performances:

Glee Club Families:  My apologies for the mix-up on Knight's Action Park dates.  We are confirmed for Monday, July 15th for our 12:00 performance.  I posted the wrong date for the performance on our JGC website.

We will have a Saturday morning rehearsal (non-mandatory) on July 13th from 10 AM - 12 noon to help students prepare for the performance.  If your child is interested in singing a solo, please make sure the song is school-appropriate and words are memorized by July 13th.   They can sing it for me on that day if they want to be added to the show. I will be ordering new Glee Club t-shirts and will hand them out at the rehearsal and at Knight's, so just wear some comfortable shorts to perform in.  I will also send a reminder text closer to the performance date.

Mark your calendars for August 6th - The Jr. Glee Club has been invited to perform at  the Iles Park Neighborhood Picnic at 7:00 PM.  Families are also invited to stay, eat and participate in the fun that evening.  We will arrive at 6:30 PM to warm-up.  I would love to feature student solos, so again, if your student has a favorite showtune or school-appropriate pop song/ballad, please have it memorized by our July performance so I can add them to the line-up.

Again, I apologize for any confusion created by posting the wrong Knight's Action Park date and will work hard to improve communication for our fantastic group of singers.



Snack Calendar - We have 40 participants - If two people are assigned, provide 20 each - THANK YOU!
DateStudent NameDrinks/Snacks
Feb. 5, 2019Snacks
Feb. 5, 2019Drinks
Feb. 12, 2019Snacks
Feb. 12, 2019Drinks
Feb. 19, 2019Snacks
Feb. 19, 2019Drinks
Mar. 5, 2019Snacks
Mar. 5, 2019Drinks
Mar. 12, 2019Snacks
Mar. 12, 2019Drinks
Mar. 19, 2019Snacks
Mar. 19, 2019Drinks
Apr. 9, 2019Snacks
Apr. 9, 2019Drinks
Apr. 16, 2019Snacks
Apr. 16, 2019Drinks

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The Springfield Ball Charter School Jr. Glee Club will perform on Monday, July 15th at noon at Knight


June 24, 2019   11 photos
The Springfield Ball Charter School Jr. Glee Club will perform on Monday, July 15th at noon at Knight's Action Park and again on August 6th at the Iles Park National Night Out at 7 PM.  Parents, check your email for any details.
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