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Important Dates

JR. Glee Club 2018/2019 Spring Schedule


(The schedule includes planned rehearsals and performances.  Dates are subject to change)

All Jr. Glee Club rehearsals have concluded for the year.  Girls will wear Glee Club dresses and boys will be provided new dress shirts to wear with black dress slacks for the following performances:

Tuesday, May 21st: "Seasoned" Book School Assembly 

Wednesday, June 4th: SBCS 8th Grade Graduation (4:00 PM)

Monday, June 24th: Summer Performance at Knight’s Action Park again (12:00 PM)




Snack Calendar - We have 40 participants - If two people are assigned, provide 20 each - THANK YOU!
DateStudent NameDrinks/Snacks
Feb. 5, 2019Snacks
Feb. 5, 2019Drinks
Feb. 12, 2019Snacks
Feb. 12, 2019Drinks
Feb. 19, 2019Snacks
Feb. 19, 2019Drinks
Mar. 5, 2019Snacks
Mar. 5, 2019Drinks
Mar. 12, 2019Snacks
Mar. 12, 2019Drinks
Mar. 19, 2019Snacks
Mar. 19, 2019Drinks
Apr. 9, 2019Snacks
Apr. 9, 2019Drinks
Apr. 16, 2019Snacks
Apr. 16, 2019Drinks

JGC Lyrics and Recordings


News Channel 20, Aladdin field trip and candids

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News Channel 20, Aladdin field trip and candids

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