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Project Mack Recognizes Ms. Davis' 4th/5th Grade Class for an Act of Kindness

March 5, 2019

Members of the UIS Men's Basketball Team partnered with Project Mack to pay Ms. Davis' class a special visit.  The class provided a box of special valentines for Mill Creek residents last month.  The class received a pizza party where they learned about the mission of Project Mack and were acknowledged for impacting their community in a positive way!

The mission at Project Mack is to inspire those around us to live a positive impactful life. We have this idea that if one person can make the conscious effort to change the world, it can inspire others to do the same. Project Mack isn't something we do, it's how we live our lives every single day. Through projects big and small we try to inspire positivity and good vibes in our communities by our words and actions.