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What is FACE?

"Springfield Public School District defines Family and Community Engagement as school, family & community partnerships built on trust and meaningful communication that creates strong academic support systems for all students."

Our mission statement: Building Relationships and Partnerships to Support Student Achievement.

FACE Teams throughout Springfield Public School District 186 are working towards four worthy targets:

1) Deepen FACE Teams
2) Enhance Communication
3) Build a Welcoming Environment
4) Empower Parents in Decision Making

At Butler, our specific 2016-17 focus is to deepen our FACE team. 

FACE Meetings

Our next FACE meeting will be in August. Date and location TBD.

DateAgendaMinutes up arrow icon
February 8, 2017February Agenda
February Minutes
March 22, 2017March Agenda
March Minutes


Tracy Gage, Principal
Pam Griffitts, Special Education Teacher
Sheri Sheets, Reading Teacher
Simon Wilson, 5th Grade Teacher

Crystal Bauer
Suzanne Clines
Kate Dunne
Kristine Lecocq
John Martin
Billie Nichols
Iesha Prowell
Lindsay Record
Tori Seward
Krystin Townsend
Shannon White

Community Partners:
Amy Walker, Town and Country Bank