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Douglas Dress Code

August 15, 2011

The dress code for Douglas middle school students is:

*Black pants, capris or shorts only – no denim,
sweatpants, jogging pants, swishy pants, skinny
pants/jeans, leggings, stir ups, or pajama pants
*Belts MUST be worn – no sagging

*3-4 button WHITE collared polo style shirts only and
they MUST be tucked in – no writing, emblems, logos,
words, or numbers on shirts

*WHITE crewneck sweatshirts – no hoods or zippers

*No skirts or dresses (exception – religious objection)

*WHITE undershirts can be worn under uniform shirts –
no colored undershirts allowed

In Addition:
*Keys, necklaces, sharpie markers, snacks, combs, brushes,
and drinks SHOULD NOT be brought to school. They
will be confiscated.