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Our American Voices Program at Dubois

April 7, 2017

OAV is a program that addresses civic, cognitive learning and community engagement through its two-part program that teaches four Core Principles:

1.  Citizenship is a way of life, not a singular event:

2.  With our rights and freedoms come responsibilities;

3.  The success of the individual and community are interdependent: “E Pluribus Unum;”

4.  The informed participation of the people shapes and sustains our democracy

Through stories, activities, discussions, and research, the students are learning about the workings of government and the importance of each member of a community. The students have also chosen a project to help improve student achievement here at Dubois. In February, OAV Peer Tutors began a program to  assist students in various subject areas of need.

Ten 4th and 5th grade students make up this program at Dubois Elementary. They are Cater H., Ta’Coreyia J., Ricardo A., Maria A., Kayla H., Shaunessy H., Isabella S., Amani D., Andre S., Abagail T..  I, Mrs. Gaines, Reading Interventionist, is the program’s facilitator. The group meets every Wednesday from 5-6.