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Dubois OAV Members Conduct Hygiene Kit Drive for Foster Candidates

April 16, 2019

Our American Voice (OAV) is a program addressing civic responsiblitiy, cognitive learning and community engagement through its two-part program that teaches four Core Principles:

  1. Citizenship is a way of life, not a singular event.

  2. With our rights and freedoms come responsibilities.

  3. The success of the individual and community are interdependent:“E Pluribus Unum".

  4. The informed participation of the people shapes and sustains our democracy.

Through stories, activities, discussions, and research, the students are learning about the workings of government and the importance of each member of a community. The Project II students have chosen a project to help children who are in foster care or waiting to be adopted. They have partnered with Family Service Center to provide hygiene kits for the children when needed. 

We would like your help so we can provide at least 100 hygiene kits or more. We would love it if you could donate the following items based on your grade level:

Kindergarten- combs and brushes

1st Grade- gum or candy

2nd Grade- toothbrush and toothpaste

3rd Grade- deodorant

4th and 5th Grades- shampoo and conditioner

Please keep in mind that the items will be for an individual child. The sizes can be regular or travel size. Please note if there is anything on the list that you would like to donate please feel free. We would gladly accept and greatly appreciate it!

Items will be collected until Friday, May 3rd.