School hours

School Hours 8:30-3:00
Students may arrive at school beginning at 8:10. Supervision and breakfast begin at this time.

Cherry Hills Baptist Church

Cherry Hills Baptist Church has joined the Enos Family as one of our community partners. We are looking forward to working with them this school year!

SIU School of Medicine

SIU School of Medicine has been serving families at Enos for many years.

Spot the Dog Visits Enos Elementary School!

Photos Nov 13 Spot the Dog visited Enos Elementary School. Every child in Kindergarten through Second Grade...

Attendance Reward Recipients at Enos Elementary School !

Photos Nov 4 Students who have a 95% attendance rate during each month will be entered into a drawing....

Enos Elementary Did Not Have a Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...

Photos Nov 4 because all students that qualified for the Mystery Celebration were able to go to the AMC Showplace 8 movie theatre and watch either Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Give Drugs the Boot at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Nov 4 Enos decided to dress in Western attire as a culminating activity to the week long celebration of Red Ribbon Week by giving drugs the boot, as well as providing an alternative to Halloween cost

S.I.U. provides Shoes For Students at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Nov 4 Over 85 students received brand new shoes and socks from S.I.U. School of Medicine. S.I.U....

Parent Teacher Conferences at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Nov 4 Enos Elementary School hosted Parent Teacher Conferences to inform parents of the grade level...

Springfield Christian School Partners With Enos Elementary School!

Photos Nov 4 Springfield Christian School Partners with Enos Elementary School to provide volunteers in our...

Fire Safety and Fire Fun at Enos!

Photos Nov 4 Students and staff at Enos Elementary School learned the importance of fire safety....

Bullying is WACKY at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Oct 9 Students and staff continued stressing the importance of Bullying Awareness by dressing Wacky on...

Enos Elementary is Putting Bullying To Bed!

Photos Oct 8 Yesterday, the Enos Elementary School family wore pajamas to put bullying to bed ! Students were reminded of the importance of treating others the way they want to be treated, not necessarily

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