School hours

School Hours 8:30-3:00
Students may arrive at school beginning at 8:10. Supervision and breakfast begin at this time.

Cherry Hills Baptist Church

Cherry Hills Baptist Church has joined the Enos Family as one of our community partners. We are looking forward to working with them this school year!

SIU School of Medicine

SIU School of Medicine has been serving families at Enos for many years.

Bullying is WACKY at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Oct 9 Students and staff continued stressing the importance of Bullying Awareness by dressing Wacky on...

Enos Elementary is Putting Bullying To Bed!

Photos Oct 8 Yesterday, the Enos Elementary School family wore pajamas to put bullying to bed ! Students were reminded of the importance of treating others the way they want to be treated, not necessarily

Bully Awareness Week at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Oct 7 The Enos P.B.I.S. team decided to devote one week in October to Bullying Awareness....

Poppin' Good Behavior at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Sep 30 Students who remained referral free and did not have any unexcused tardies or absences during the...

S.I.U. Sponsors our Annual Health Fair at Enos!

Photos Sep 30 S.I.U. , Title I, and Enos Elementary School hosted its annual Health Fair....

The Eagle Patrol Made Its First Flight of the New School Year!

Photos Sep 22 The Eagle Patrol soared through the school, gymnasium, and surrounding neighborhood acknowledging...

Read 5 and More Participant Celebration at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Sep 15 Enos students that participated in the Read 5 Summer Reading log online and /or submitted a paper...

Grandparents R.O.C.K. at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Sep 15 Enos grandparents are Reliable, Outstanding, Caring, and Kind. Enos celebrated Grandparent's day by hosting an engagement activity that provided grandparents with tools and

More Enos Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Pictures!

Photos Aug 28 A special thanks goes out to everyone who attended and continues to send me pictures from this momentous occasion.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Enos Elementary School!

Photos Aug 27 Enos Elementary School hosted its Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, August 22, 2014....

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