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2018 PARCC IDOL Winner Goes To:

Photos 2 days ago And The Winner Goes To.... 5th Grade Celebration

Judges Deciding

Photos 2 days ago The Decision Video

5th Grade- Glorious

Photos 2 days ago Glorious Video

4th Grade

Photos 2 days ago Don't Give Up- Video

2nd Grade- Shake it Off

Photos 2 days ago Shake It Off Video

PARCC Parade

Photos 2 days ago PARCC Parade Part 1 PARCC Parade Part 2

Fun Run!!

Photos 4 days ago Congratulations to our 4th and 5th graders at the Fun Run!

February Student of the Month

Photos Mar 12 We had a blast celebrating our most recent Student of the Month kiddos! Such hard work is taking place in every single classroom at Fairview and we couldn't be more proud of these amazing stude

PARCC Parade!

Videos Mar 10 PARCC Parade Part 1 PARCC Parade Part 2

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