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Dress Code

May 2, 2017

Parents, please help ensure that your student(s) is/are coming in the appropriate uniform dress code. It seems that the spring weather has been bringing out some non-uniform items. Just a reminder - collared shirts must be solid color. Pants/shorts - navy, khaki, black. (No leggings!) Skirts/dresses from a uniform store are okay. On Wednesdays - students are allowed to be out of dress code IF they are wearing a spirit wear shirt, such as a Feitshans shirt or an "I <3 186" shirt. IF they are wearing spirit shirt then they can wear jeans. If no spirit wear shirt then they should be in reguar dress code.

If a student comes to school out of dress code, we will then call home & ask that someone bring them uniform clothing. If someone is unable to bring uniform clothing then the student will be in an alternate placement for the rest of the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office. Thank you!