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Enhanced Dress Code for Students at Feitshans Elementary

In alignment with our Shared Vision Statement, specifically in pursuit of creating a “community of achievers” amongst our students, Feitshans Elementary School adheres to the following enhanced student dress code:

All students must wear a solid colored short- or long-sleeved collared, polo-style shirt. Polo shirts must be free of all designs or emblems with the following exception: Students may wear approved uniform shirts with the Feitshans Elementary insignia embroidered on the front. Students may wear a solid colored turtleneck or long-sleeved shirt underneath their polo shirts or a solid colored crew neck sweater or sweatshirt over their polo shirts as long as the collar remains visible. Sweaters and sweatshirts may not have hoods or zippers.

All students will wear khaki, navy blue, or black bottoms at waist level. (No leggings.) Khaki, navy, and black bottoms must be flat front or pleated dress pants, shorts, or skorts. Athletic pants/shorts, leggings, denim, or knit pants are not acceptable attire. Students will be encouraged to tuck their polo shirts into their pants and may wear belts.

Footwear must abide by specified District guidelines. Flip flops are not acceptable attire.