Teacher Webpages

Jennifer Adams
7th Grade Science, IMSA Coordinator
Camille Alger
8th Grade Science & Language Arts
Jennifer Allender
Student Support Services/Literature
Libby Becker
6th Grade Language Arts
Dione Booth
Special Education Department Chair.
Charlie Bordeau
Speech Language Pathologist
Mario Borders
8th Grade US History
Abby Bretz
Student Support Services - LA, Cross Country Coach
David Brewer
6th Grade Science, 7th Boys Basketball Coach
Mike Brown
6th Grade World History 6th Grade Boys Bball Coach
Patti Christell
6th & 8th Grade Literature
Linda Colton
8th Literature
Mary Lou Dobron
7th Literature and Track Coach
Debbie Dorr
6th Grade Literature
Karen Duke
6th Science, Girls on Track coach
Tiana Durr
7th Grade Health
Jeremy Goss
Physical Education
Jennifer Gronewold
Student Support Services 7th Grade REI/Resource
Vicki Hall
Katie Heimlich
7th and 8th grade REI
Connie Howett
Student Support Services/ History
Rachel Jachino
Amanda Johnson
Shannon Johnson
6/7/8 Science
Tammy Jones
7th Grade Science and History
Ms. Joost
7th Grade Math/ 8th Grade LA
Becki Keown
7th and 8th grade REI/Resource
Kingsley Keys
Band Director
Dave Knoepfle
7th Grade Mathematics
Sue Krumrei
6th,7th,8th Visual Arts - 7th, 8th Technology
Sandra Maher
Speech Pathologist
Amy Mariotti
7th Grade Health - 8th Beta Club - Yearbook
Colleen Martin
8th Grade Language Arts
Colleen McDonald
8th Grade Math
Barbara Montgomery
Physical Education
Angie Nesbit
8th Literature/Language Arts
Emily Preckwinkle
6th Language Arts
Lauren Quandahl
6th, 7th, 8th Life Skills
Larry Rosenberger
7th Grade Math & History
Christine Schnake
7th Grade Language Arts
Shelly Shaw
Vocal Music Director
Katie Sheraden
6th Grade REI/Resource Teacher
Preston Snarr
PE Teacher
S. Tillman
8th U.S. History, Social Studies Department Chair
Brett Troemper
D'Ann Urish
Student Support Services/ Math
Megan Weakley
6th & 7th Grade Math
Patty West, NBCT
6th Grade World History
Ashley Womble
6th Grade Math, Math Department Chair
Ray Zinnen
7th Grade History; Gifted Department Chair
Angela Zinnen
7th Language Arts-Beta Club