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FMS 6th Grade Students Participate in WEB Orientation

August 18, 2015
6th Grade Students Play Games

FMS started their new school year with a new WEB Orientation program. 6th grade students participated in group activities, as well as, become familiar with their new building. They had a very exciting time!

8th Grade students from FMS were the new WEB Leaders. They did a fantastic job for their 1st year of participation! Mrs. Shaw is very proud of all of your hard work and dedication to the new program!

A special thanks to the Springfield Public Schools Foundation and Franklin's PTC for helping to finance this new program. Thank you also to the Franklin Staff and friends who spent extra time and energy to make the day a success. Thanks to Ms. Becker, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Rosenberger, Mrs. Schnake, Mrs. Shaw, Mr. Troemper, and Taylor Akers. A special thanks to the administration, guidance deans, cafeteria staff and custodial staff for all of your time and support of the new program. It was a wonderful success!