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6th Graders Visit FMS

August 16, 2016
WEB Leaders Play Games

August 16, 2016, 45 WEB Leaders welcomed 200 new 6th Grade students to FMS. The WEB Leaders introduced the enthusiastic 6th grade students to new games, strategies, staff, school procedures, dress code, lockers, and the school building. The orientation was designed to make 6th grade students feel more at ease during their first days at school. Many of the new students also made new friends, not only with 6th grade students, but also some 7th and 8th grade students as well. All students had a great time!

WEB students will be continuing their program this year by being building leaders, helping with projects, assisting teachers/staff, and continuing to work with 6th grade students.

Congratulations to our WEB Leaders for a job well done! Way to go WEB Leaders! Thanks to Mrs. Jones, Mr. Rosenberger, Ms. Becker, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Durr, Mrs. Schnake, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Hunsberger, Mrs. Bates, Ms. Stroemer, kitchen staff, office staff, and custodial staff for helping to make our 2nd year of WEB a great success!