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Catching Up With Robbie Hill

Catching Up With Robby Hill

Describe what you are doing professionally now.

I am currently finishing up my Senior year at the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York. I have played Golf here for four years and majoring in Systems (Engineering) Management. When I graduate in May of 2015, I will have a couple months off, then report to Fort Benning, Georgia to begin training to be an Armor Officer in the United States Army. After a few months of training, I will be stationed in Hawaii for 2-3 years and work with Strykers in the 25th Infantry Division.

Do you have any distinguished professional accomplishments that you wish to share?

Over the past four years at West Point, I have worked hard to accomplish a few things that I am proud of. First, I became an Academic All-American for Golf my Junior year. I have been on the Patriot League Honor Roll each season, which I also take pride in. Lastly, I earned the academic Wreath, symbolizing being in the top 20% of the class at West Point. The past four years have been the hardest four years of my life, but they have also been the most rewarding years and I am extremely thankful for getting the opportunity to gain a strong foundation at Franklin Middle School years ago.

Please list all of your academic schools and the years you attended those schools starting with Franklin.
Franklin Middle School: 2004-2007
Springfield High School: 2007-2011
United States Military Academy: 2011-2015

How did Franklin’s Gifted Program better prepare you for where you are today?

Franklin’s Gifted Program was an incredible tool that set me up for success throughout high school and into college. The Gifted Program was an increased work load that prepared me for the extreme workloads found in high school and college. The instructors were also amazing and very personable. In order to have success in life, you must surround yourself with other people who want to be successful and rise to another level. The instructors at FMS facilitated an education above the rest while also showing genuine care for each student. The other students in the Gifted Program also facilitated a great education because we were all there to get better and helped each other reach levels we never thought were possible. Greg Knox, Tyler Pence, and Leora Reyhan, three of my best friends at FMS are still three of my best friends. There is no question Franklin’s Gifted Program is a large part of the reason I have come this far and anyone who is given the ability to get something that special should seize the opportunity.

What are some of your favorite memories at Franklin Middle School?

It is impossible to narrow down all the memories from Franklin. I played basketball under Mr. Brewer and Mr. Zinnen which was an absolute blast, especially with all of my friends. The endless memories that come with Mr. Flohr’s track team also hold a special place in my heart. On the academic side, I had so many great teachers I can credit for the student I am today. I still have classes today that I think back to things I learned with Ms. Johnson (Mrs. Zinnen), Mrs. Dorr, Ms. Jones, Mr. Zinnen, Mr. Knoepfle, Mrs. Dobron, Mr. Troemper, and Mrs. Tillman. My friends and I still laugh about different project or memories we have about each teacher. In addition to the teachers, Mr. Connolley, Ms. Stroemer, and Mrs. Huddleston were always looking out for each one of us and never failed to give us a kick in the butt when necessary! Lastly, the extracurricular activities such as Beta Club, IMSA, and Science Fair open up a wide range of opportunities to thrive and have fun with classmates that you will never forget. How could I forget waffle dogs and the candy cart? All in all, Franklin Middle School is near and dear to my heart and I will never forget the good times FMS provided.