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December 15 - Friday

December 15, 2017

WeatherHigh of 40 degrees and mostly sunny.

Lunch:  Toasted Cheese or Fish Tacos

I can follow directions even when I don't want to or when it's hard.  Some things to think about:  What do say when an adult tells you to do something you don't like? How to follow rules even if you don't like them? and how long it should take you to follow a rule after being asked to do so.

There will be a Reading Café on Friday, January 5th during your literature classes. You will be able to come down to the library with a book and money to purchase hot chocolate and yummy treats to enjoy while you read in the library. Every item will cost you 50¢. Questions, see your literature teacher.

Some of you may know that some of our advisory classes have been decorating doors to celebrate holiday traditions around the world. Mr. Peter’s class has chosen the Christmas hidden pickle tradition, so they have hidden pickles made out of green construction paper around the school. If you find one at some point during the day, bring it to Mr. Peter in Room 104 AFTER SCHOOL for a prize.” 

Starting December 12th through December 20th, Beta students will be selling candy grams at lunch. Candy grams are 50 cents for a candy cane. Buy one for your favorite teacher, your friend, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or even your self. Then you will write a message to whoever you buy it for. These will be delivered December 21st. 

To support not only our AVID students but all students who plan to attend college we will be wearing wear Jeans, Joggers or Sweats for $1 and a college or high school t-shirt for $1 as well.  So $2 to wear a college/high school top and jeans/joggers/sweats each Wednesday until December 20th.

Pride of the Generals: The next meeting will be December 19, 2017.


Attention 8th graders:  District 186 high school freshmen preview night is Thursday, January 11 at 6:00.

The painters are painting the hallways so please do not touch them.  :)

Remember to be respectful of our neighbors walking to and from school.  It doesn't matter if they are a business or someone's personal property.  You should be respectful and stay in public space rather than private property.

Anything that is brought into the classroom that is a disruption to learning can and will be confiscated by the teacher - this includes slime, putty, fidget spinners etc.

Items bought in the cafeteria are not allowed to leave the cafeteria. So please buy only what you can eat in the cafeteria. Outside Drinks are not allowed in school during the school day.

Remember that once you enter the building, your cell phone and headphones/earbuds must be turned off and put away.

Teachers, please take this time to check dress code.