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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 15, 2010

Grant Middle School
Morning Announcements
Thursday, December 16, 2010
“B” Day

Good morning and welcome to Prime Time News!

Early Dismissal on Friday, 12/17. Winter Break is from 12/20/2010- 1/3/2011.
School resumes on Tuesday, 1/4/2011

Friday, 12/17: We will have a “hat day” for a PBIS fundraiser. You can wear your favorite team hat or a festive hat of your choice for a $1.00.

8th Grade Trip: 8th Graders - Permission slips and a deposit of at least $30 are all that is needed to secure your spot on the 8th Grade Field Trip to Chicago on May 6, 2011.
Turn money and permission slips in to your Math teacher. If your parent would also like to go, please see Mrs. Schroeder in room 217 for an adult permission slip. Spots are filling up quickly. Reserve your seat today!

Students - we are still collecting Box Tops for Education to raise money for our school. Please turn them in to Mrs. Connolley.

The School Store has a new location. It is now in Room 205 - Mrs. Connolley's room. It will be open from 7:50-8:15 every morning. If you need some new school supplies, come check it out! Due to student request, the school store - in room 205- Mrs. Connolley's room- is now selling 3 ring binders for $3 each.

The different color “Jelly Bracelets, are NOT to be worn at school for any reason, because students are assigning in appropriate meaning to the color of the bracelets. This begins immediately for GMS students.

Due to the potential health hazards of wearing silly bandz, Grant has decided to put a ban on the wearing of any of these bandz in the school building at any time during the school day. Students are still allowed to wear the “Livestrong” wristbands or others like them.

CITY BUS RIDERS: Students who are riding the city bus home after-school please listen very carefully. You will need to make arrangements and let your parents know that the bus will no longer have a “pick-up” n front of Grant. You will need to walk “east bound” on the sidewalk 6 blocks to English street- the city bus will pick up at 2:55pm at this location.

Drivers Education Information for 8th Grade Parents and Students: In order for 8th grade students to be eligible to take DRIVERS EDUCATION FRESHMEN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL they will need to PASS 8 SEMESTERS of course work.

Cafeteria: Students need to enter the café first to eat their lunch. You cannot go outside or the gym and then come in and eat lunch. Also, when you are wanting to leave the café, you will need to raise your hand and wait for an adult to dismiss you from your table. At that time please dispose of your garbage, tray and beverages other than water. You may then go outside or to the gym, the library will be available upon request from Mrs. Childress.

Teachers: Students can go to their lockers: before school, after 2nd block, before/after lunch, and then after-school. You cannot go get pe clothes – they need to be with you! Assign noon detentions if a student is at their locker w/out a pass.


6BBB: Will practice on Friday, 12/17 from 1:30-3. You do have a game on Saturday, 12/18 against FMS at 9:30 am.

7/8BBB: The boys have a home game today at 4:00 PM. Please be in uniform for the game or you will be asked to leave. Questions see Coach Gardner.

7/8 VBB: There is practice today for 8th grade only from 2:30-5:00 PM. If there are any questions see Mr. Dworak or Ms. Jannazzo.

6VB: practice today from 5-6.

CHEERLEADING: practice today. From 6-7:30 PM. Questions see Coach Smith.


Please check the blog on the library page this week and respond to the questions. Also, look for a note today about Thursday's meeting. If you don't receive one, see Mrs. Childress or Ms. Hoffman.



SHOW CHOIR: There will be NO SHOW CHOIR this week- you guys did AWESOME at the concert!!! Our next meeting will be a workshop for any students who would like to join mid-year. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, January 12th and the auditions on the following day January 13th. Any questions please see Miss Bentsen.

There will be a full yearbook committee meeting on Wednesday, December 15th, in room 220 from 2:30-4:00. All members must be present so we can submit pages to Lifetouch. Questions? See Mrs. Ridings

Friday, 12/17/2010- LAST DAY:
Yearbook Happy Ads: Grant Middle School’s yearbook staff is offering you the opportunity to purchase a Happy Ad for y 8th graders. The ads will appear at the end of the yearbook near the autograph page. Happy ads can be from family, students, teachers, staff, but must be for 8th graders only. Your math teacher will be giving your the forms to fill out and return to Mrs. Ridings, room 220, and it will have all the details.

The price to reserve your color 2011 yearbook will be $22 until Winter Break. After that, it will cost $25. Yearbooks are reserved by seeing Mrs. Ridings in room 220 before and after school. Get yours soon!



BIRTHDAYS: look on list and announce names!

BIST- power point

Remember our school expectations:
Respect yourself~ Respect Others~ Respect Property~

Bottled water can be purchased all day in the main lobby. The Pepsi machines are turned off during the school day and then after-school they will be turned back on. We will also have a candy table that will only be available after-school. We need to leave the building in a timely fashion. The buses will pull out of the parking lot at 2:30 pm sharp every day this week.

Remind students about walking home and respecting the property of neighbors as well as area businesses.

Rubber bands are not allowed at school at any time! No skateboards at school at any time.

Cell phones, CD, I pods and toys are not allowed on in the building at any time. If you are caught they will be taken, turned into the office, parents notified and will be responsible to pick up said items.

Students cannot leave campus after-school and return it is too dangerous and not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will receive a PM detention for hours cleaning windows, lockers ……

BELTS: We have belts for sale in the main office. The cost is $2.00; see Ms. Mary before school to purchase a belt. Belt MUST BE a solid color only!

Shirts need to be tucked in at all times! This includes your lunch shift. NO NAVY BLUE SHIRTS! When you leave the building at the end of the day, you may untuck as you wish. NO SAGGING!
NO Baby Doll- sweaters allowed! BLACK JEANS- NOT ALLOWED!!!!!

GERNERAL”S BEST AWARD- winners are………..

Let's have a great day!