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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 22, 2012

Grant Middle School
Morning Announcements
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
“B” Day

Good morning and welcome to Prime Time News!

1:30 Dismissal today and Thursday, 5/24.

Last Day of School is Friday, 5/25- 8:00-9:30! Students will go to first block only and stay the entire time. Doors will be locked at 8:00am sharp and will be no student entry at that time.

Today is the day to use your Robertson Riches on lots of very fun prizes! Over your lunch shift, bring all of your Robertson Riches to the stage in the gym. Make sure your name is on each Robertson Rich!

You may put all of your Riches on one item of your choice or you can spread them out among as many as you want.

At the end of all of the lunch shifts, we will pull one name from each prize. Prizes will be announced and delivered during the last block today.

Congratulations to everyone who has earned Robertson Riches for being respectful to yourself, others and property at Grant Middle School.

Congratulations to Mrs. Griminger's first block class. They won the party (way last week before camp) for being first to have their library books in. They will have their party today.

Practice will be on Wednesday, 5/23 by grade levels again we will call down to the gym by grade levels.
Students have already received an invite letter in the mail if they are to attend. The program will be held out Springfield High School from 6:00-7:00PM.

8th Grade Moving Up- Ceremony is Thursday, 5/24 from 12:30-1:30. We will then have the 8th grade dance. We will have activity buses running at 3:15PM.

HEY: future Lion's last chance this school year. Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 23rd during 4th block you can audition for Lion's Pride Show Choir. We will call you all down 4th block. IF you have not signed up and would like to join the group you still can. See Mr. Mitchell in 121A today or Wednesday morning.

GUEST TEACHERS: whenever you have a guest teacher, you are to show him/her the same respect as you would your regular teacher. The guest teacher knows the BIST procedures. If you are asked to go to the Safe Seat, you must move to the Safe Seat. If you must be removed from the classroom, you will be escorted to the office and issued three noon detentions and a phone call home.

Cafeteria: Students need to enter the cafeteria first to eat their lunch. You cannot go outside or the gym and then come in and eat lunch. Also, when you want to leave the cafeteria, you will need to raise your hand and wait for an adult to dismiss you from the table. At that time please dispose of your garbage, tray and beverages other than water. You may then go outside or to the gym; the library will be available upon request from Mrs. Childress. 

Dress Code Violators & Gum Chewing: This is the verbal warning for the entire student body concerning shirts being un-tucked, sagging, and gum chewing in class and the hallways. If a teacher or staff member notices you are violating the dress code or chewing gum you will be assigned a noon detention with the administrators.

LUNCH: The gym is now open during lunch. On “A” days the girls will be allowed to go to the gym and on “B” days the boys.

Teachers: Students can go to their lockers: before school, after 2nd block, before/after lunch, and then after-school. You cannot go get per clothes before; they need to be with you! A noon detention will be assigned if a student is at their locker w/out a pass.

Due to the potential health hazards of wearing silly bands, Grant has put a ban on the wearing of any of these bands in the school building at any time during the school day. Students are still allowed to wear the “Livestrong” wristbands or others like them.


CHEERLEADING: Questions: See Mrs. Silveri

VOLLEYBALL: Information about Lanphier high school volleyball is in the wooden bookcase. If you have questions see Mr. Dworak.

TRACK: Please turn in your clean and laundered track uniform and sweat suit, along with your track bag to Coach Newman or Coach Hill as soon as possible. Lost uniforms and sweats will result in monetary fine.




SCHOOL STORE: Attention school store shoppers! The shelves of the school store have been restocked. If you are in need of pencil lead . . . we have it for $1!!!!! Come see the new assortment of pencils and pens . . . mini notebooks and fun calculators, mini staplers and pencil sharpeners! The school store is located in room 205 - student support room and is open most of the day!

Cell phones, are not allowed on in the building at any time. If you are caught, the phone will be confiscated and turned into the office, parents notified and will be responsible to pick up said items.

BELTS: We have belts for sale in the main office. The cost is $2.00; see Ms. Mary before school to purchase a belt. Belt MUST BE a solid color only.