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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 17, 2009

Grant Middle School
Morning Announcements
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
"A" Day

Good morning and welcome to Prime Time News!

We will have a cookout for all students who have perfect attendance for the 3rd quarter.

The Booster Club will be having a Subway sale this Friday, March 20th on all three-lunch shifts. The cost is $3.00 and includes a sub sandwich with the "fixings" and a bag of chips. See you there!

Remember to bring your planners to class every day.

EXTENDED RECESS: For those students with no BOM for the month of February will be invited to attend a extended recess either before or after their lunch shifts on Thursday, 3/19. Lunch A 10:30-11, Lunch B 12:10-12:40 Lunch C 1:05-1:35

Please remember that laptops are never stored in your locker and should be taken from class to class (except PE :))!!!!! You will receive a tech violation if you are caught with your laptop in your locker. Students it is very important that you are taking your computer to every class on a daily basis - exception is of course when the computer cannot leave the cart. There will be consequences for those of you who have to go get your computer after class has already begun.

LOCKERS: Teachers: Students can go to their lockers: before school, after 2nd block, (8th grade/6th grade only after lunch), and then after-school. During the cold weather, those students in 7th graders who want to go outside can go to their lockers to get their coat. They will be dismissed from lunch, two minutes early to return their coats to lockers. You cannot go get pe clothes - they need to be with you! Assign noon detentions if a student is at their locker w/out a pass.


TRACK: practice today 2:30-4:00. Questions see Mr. or Mrs. Hayes.


IMSA: (Read 03/17/09 - 03/20/09) Attention 7th and 8th Grade IMSA students:
The Six Flags trip has been moved to May 14th. The deadline to turn in your money and permission slip has also moved to Friday May 20th. Turn in your money and permission slip to Mr. Wilkening by the end of the day on May 20th to reserve your spot. See Mr. Wilkening with questions.

WEB: WEB leaders who signed up for the Academic Committee have a meeting every Wednesday morning from 7:15 to 7:45 am. Meet in Mrs. Hayes' room (208). Come energized and ready to have fun.

Attention 8th Graders: (Read 03/17/09 - 04/01/09)
The deadline for the 8th grade field trip is April 1st. The cost is $65. There is a limited number of seats and it is on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve your seat, you must turn in both your permission slip and money to Mr. Wilkening in room 212 by the end of the day April 1st. Extra permission slips can be found in front of the main office or in room 212.


SHOW CHOIR: every Tuesday from 2:30-4:00 (questions see Ms. Bentsen).

JAZZ BAND: every Thursday from 2:30-4:00 (questions see Ms. Bentsen).

Grant Middle Schools' tutoring is Monday through Thursday from 2:45 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.

We will have an activity bus running every night at 4:15pm.

The gym will be open all three lunch shifts today.

BIRTHDAYS: look on list and announce names!

Whenever you have a guest teacher, you are to show him/her the same respect as you would your regular teacher. The guest teacher knows the BIST procedures. If you are asked to go to the Safe Seat, you must move to the Safe Seat. If you must be removed from the classroom, you will be escorted to the office and issued three noon detentions and a phone call home.

Hallway sweeps will begin if we continue to have several students tardy to class. Be sure to get to class on time and be in your seat before the tardy bell rings.

No horse playing allowed at anytime for ay reason at Grant Middle School. This also includes inappropriate affection in the hallways. You are to keep your hands and feet to yourself at ALL TIMES!!!!!!!

Remember our school expectations:
Respect yourself • Respect Others • Respect Property & Be there and be ready:

Student behavior has become a concern. Our expectation is for you to respect yourself, others and property. Respecting yourself means using your inside voices in the school, no loud talking, no loud laughing, using appropriate language, etc. Respecting others means walking on the right side of the halls, no running through the halls, no pushing and shoving, etc. Respecting property is not throwing papers on the floor, keeping your lockers orderly, and taking care of your textbooks. Be there and be ready means getting to class on time with your supplies every block every day.

Rubber bands are not allowed at school at any time!

Cell phones, CD, I pods and toys are not allowed on in the building at any time. If you are caught they will be taken, turned into the office, parents notified and will be responsible to pick up said items.

Students cannot leave campus after-school and return it is too dangerous and not allowed. Anyone caught doing this will receive a PM detention for 1-½ hours cleaning windows, lockers ......

BELTS: We have belts for sale in the main office. The cost is $2.00; see Ms. Mary before school to purchase a belt. Belt MUST BE a solid color only!

Shirts need to be tucked in at all times! This includes lunch. When you leave the building at the end of the day, you may untuck as you wish. NO SAGGING!
NO Baby Doll- sweaters allowed! BLACK JEANS- NOT ALLOWED!!!!!

GERNERAL"S BEST AWARD- winners are...........

Let's have a great day!