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Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15, 2006

Morning Announcements
Monday, May 15
Odd Day

The IESA State Track Meet is this Friday in East Peoria. Good luck to all participants.

Anticipate extended recesses this week for students with no bom duing the month of April.

IPOD to be in silent auction. Offered to the grade level with fewest avg BOM.

Remember to kieep you hands and feet to yourself!

Remind students about walking home and respecting the property of neighbors.

Keep working on perfect attendance for the 4th quarter. Those students with perfect attendance will earn a free tailgate party duirng lunch.

Gum-bookbags, once you're in you're in. Also, no fries or other foodstuff is to be taken out of the cafeteria, unless a student is going to a classroom to work during lunch.

Dress Code-uniform Frayed garments, sagging, short shorts, low cut tops, short shirts

Toys at school/Cell phones/CD players will be confiscated, turned in to the office, parents notifed, and will be responsible to pick up said items. You may not use cell phones outside during lunch!

All students are responsible for their own items. MAKE SURE ALL ITEMS ARE SECURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Guest Teachers-RE #2, 3 ND's, phone call home.

Grant wear see Mrs. Dimon.

Bookbags to cafeteria or classroom

Rubber Bands

Cafeteria etiquette!!!!!!
Once students leave the cafeteria they will not be allowed back in. It is posted on the doors, and really has made all lunch shifts much smoother.