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Wednesday, April 11th. It's a B day!

April 10, 2018

Good Morning!  Today is Wednesday, April 11th.  It's a B day!

WeatherHigh of 65 degrees today and mostly sunny!

LUNCH:  Orange Chicken w/Rice OR Pulled BBQ Pork

5 Star General Expectations:  

Be Responsible.  What does that mean?  That means your behavior should match your age not the square root of your age.  It also means listening and following directions.

No Track practice today.

Don’t forget to bring in your pennies and change for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Help us raise money for kids with cancer. If we raise $750 as a school, advisory with the most money raised gets an Olive Garden lunch. This is from April 9th- April 27th.  We also will have jeans/joggers/sweatpants day each Friday of April for $1.  If you want to add a hoodlie with that it will be an extra dollar for a total of $2.  Orange shirts are also in support of the leukemia and lymphoma society.

Scholastic Bowl: Scholiastic Bowl has a match Thursday after school in Franklin, Illinois.  Please bring money to purchase dinner on way home that night.

Students don’t forget to sign up for Poetry Night next Thursday the 19th 6-7:30. This is an awesome night to show off your rap, song or poem. It’s an open mic night, right on the table kind of night! Be sure to sign up you and how many from the family that will be coming. If you did not receive flyer see Ms. Piphus.

Starting today through the end of the school year the PBIS team will be raffling off posters to students.  The raffle will work the same way as the PBIS quarter baskets.  Each week we will put 2 posters in the glass window behind the tardy table.  Each poster will have a box in front of it for the students to turn in purple positives, Baugher Buck, and/or Hallway good notes for a chance to win the poster.  Students can turn in as many as they want to each box, to increase their odds of winning.  The winner will be announced on Friday before the end of the day.  Also, on Friday the entries in the boxes will be dumped so we can start over the following Monday with new posters.  This weeks posters are  NFL football helmets and a cat poster. 


  • Attention walkers & car riders:  Students should not be crossing Monroe Street anywhere other than at the crosswalks.  Those are located at the ends of the block - both Stange and Bruns Lane.  It is unsafe and ill advised to cross anywhere else. 

  • The painters are painting the hallways so please do not touch them.  :)

  • Remember to be respectful of our neighbors walking to and from school.  It doesn't matter if they are a business or someone's personal property.  You should be respectful and stay in public space rather than private property.

  • Anything that is brought into the classroom that is a disruption to learning can and will be confiscated by the teacher - this includes slime, putty, fidget spinners etc.

  • Items bought in the cafeteria are not allowed to leave the cafeteria. So please buy only what you can eat in the cafeteria. Outside Drinks are not allowed in school during the school day.

  • Remember that once you enter the building, your cell phone and headphones/earbuds must be turned off and put away.

  • Check In/Check Out kids:  Pick up your sheets in the cafeteria during breakfast!