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Grant Middle School Uniform Policy Shirts may be white, grey, gold, yellow, or black. All shirts must be worn tucked in around the entire waist. The following shirts are allowed: 1. Solid color (white, gold, yellow, grey, or black), polo style-emblems must adhere to District 186 guidelines, be on the left chest area, and be no larger than a quarter. 2. Solid color button-front dress shirt or blouse 3. Any official Grant wear shirt (hoodies are excluded) 4. Undershirts must be short sleeved, solid white, or same color as shirt being worn. PANTS/SHORTS Pants, slacks, and shorts must be made of a twill-type material and must be khaki, black or blue. No denim, jean or stretch-type material is allowed. Pants should fit and be worn at the waist. Pants may not have frayed bottoms, false rips, patches, or tears/holes. Baggy pants and sagging are not permitted. Short lengths may be no more than 6” above the crease at the back of the knee. If pants/shorts have belt loops, an appropriate belt must be worn. No wide leg pants or pockets on the side legs of shorts, slacks, or pants are permitted. SKIRTS Girls may wear skirts made of twill-type material and must be khaki, black or blue. No denim, jean, or stretch-like material will be permitted. Skirts may be straight, pleated, or full. Skirt lengths may be no more than 6” above the crease at the back of the knee. If the skirt has belt loops an appropriate belt must be worn. No jumpers are allowed. BELTS If pants, shorts, or skirts have belt loops a belt must be worn. It is unacceptable to remove belt loops. Belt buckles must be a simple, non-electrical design such as a square, circle, or a “U’ shape. SWEATERS/SWEATSHIRTS Sweaters/sweatshirts must be a solid color of white, black, grey, gold, or yellow. No hoods or full zippers are allowed on the sweater or sweatshirt. The sweater/sweatshirt may be a round, v-neck or quarter zip. If a sweater or sweatshirt is worn the length may not exceed below the hips. JACKETS/HOODIES Jackets/hoodies may be worn to and from school. Jackets/hoodies must be placed in lockers on arrival. No jackets/hoodies will be permitted in the classroom. ACCESSORIES Any accessories, symbols, jewelry, or other paraphernalia that depicts or refers to alcoholic beverages, smoking, violence, death, gangs, racism, profanity, nudity, or obscene slogans are not be allowed. BACKPACKS/BAGS Backpacks, drawstring book bags, and purses, which are brought to school, must be left in lockers and secured. Students are reminded that they need to be in "full uniform" from the time they arrive on campus until the time they leave campus. The uniform guidelines will be enforced at all extra/co-curricular activities that begin after school, but before 5:30 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, students may arrive on campus after 5:30 p.m. following the dress code as described by the Informational Discipline Handbook. Students will remain in uniform for Fall and Spring school pictures.