Teacher Webpages

Stacey Barnes
Anne Bell
6th and 8th Grade Science
Abigail Bentsen
6-8 Band and Choir
Kelly Bingham
6th Grade instructional and Resource Teacher
Jill Borah
7th and 8th Grade Math
Eric Buerkett
Mathematics Teacher
Lisa Cacciatori
School Social Worker
Lindsay Chaparro
8th Grade Instructional
Erin Crolly
7th Grade Literature, Writing, and Science
Samantha Cuzzort
6-8 Current Events/ 6th and 7th AVID
Melissa Fry
Special Education Department Chair
Katie Gibbs
7th grade Literature and Writing, 8th Writing
Alicia Graham
6th Grade Literature/Writing
Aaron Graves
6th Grade Literature/Writing
Julie Griminger
6th History
Vicki Hall
Maggie Harrison
Art Teacher
LaTausha Hayes
6th Grade Math
Larresa Kleinertz
7th Grade US History
Jessieca Kyes
6th Grade L.A./Lit., AVID teacher/Coordinator
Tracy Lewis
Inclusion/Resource 8th Grade
Debra Locher
Speech and Language Therapist
Arshad Mehmood
Special Ed
Angie Meneghetti
6th grade science
Sarah Monahan
6th & 7th Grade Science Teacher
Jennifer Montooth
Physical Education
Kirstin Moore
6th Grade World History and 8th Grade US History
Nathan Peter
8th Grade American History
Lindsay Phillips
8th Grade Literature & Writing/ JH Summer School
Mrs. Nicola Rawls
6th and 7th Grade History
Mary Richardson
8th Writing and Literature
William J. Rincker
Health and Physical Education
Gina Romer
6th grade Language Arts/Literature
Toni Schrage
ESL Teacher
Cyndi Schroeder
7th, and 8th Grade Math
Tracy Silveri
6th & 7th Grade Math
Stephanie Snyder
Special Education 6th Grade Inclusion Teacher
Neal Taylor
physical education and health
Ken Teubner
Special Education Teacher
Lori Thomas
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Math Academy
Brandon Thompson
6th, 7th Grade Literature and Writing
Brooke Urbanski
School Psychologist
Christy White
Life Skills 6, 7 & 8
Julie Whitlock
8th Grade Literature & Writing
Angela Wright
8th Grade Instructional/Room 210
Tammy Ziemba-Montavon
7th grade science and Science Dept Chair