HP Titanic Float Day

5 days ago Students from Harvard Park took part in a Titanic Float Day. After learning and studying about the Titanic students were able to see if their rendition of the Titanic was able to safely sail the high seas.
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Read 5 Celebration

Sep 14, 2015 Congratulations to our students that completed HP's Summer Read Five Challenge!
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Thank you St. Johns Pediatrics

Sep 4, 2015 Thank you to our community partners at St. Johns Pediatrics. Two of the numerous backpacks were raffled off at today's Morning Meeting!
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Family Fit Club at HP

Sep 4, 2015 Parents, Students and staff enjoyed the first Family Fit Club workout at Harvard Park. Family Fit Club is held every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 in the HP Arena and is open to the District 186 families!
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Payday Lunches with HP Staff

Jun 5, 2015 The kids haven't even been gone for a full week and the staff at Harvard Park are already getting together to enjoy one another's company! Every two weeks members of the HP staff get together for lunch (Pay Day Lunches). It is a great way to see one another throughout the long summer months.
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Thank You South 6th St McDonalds

Jun 4, 2015 Thank you to our community partners South 6th St McDonalds for their generous gift as well as sponsoring our 4th annual McTeacher night.
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Harvard Park Family Wellness Picnic

May 27, 2015 Adding wellness as one of our FACE goals this year has made us think of all the ways we can get the word of wellness to our families. Our annual Family Picnic became our Family Wellness Picnic, and it was a huge success!
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