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F.A.C.E. - Family and Community Engagement Team

Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month.

Family and Community Engagement, or F.A.C.E., is a school/community team made up of school administration, teachers, parents, community members, and representatives from our community partnerships, such as Westside Christian Church, St. John's Lutheran Church, and Horace Mann. The team is charged with facilitating the skills and resources of the school, families, and community organizations for the betterment of Harvard Park student achievement. We brainstorm and incorporate ideas from our meetings to make decisions about how we can best involve families and communities in that charge.

A team goal this year is to increase opportunities for reading in school for ALL students (not just struggling readers). This aligns with the district promising practice of increasing the amount of reading across the district. We also seek to increase family and community engagement overall by improving two-way communication between Harvard Park and all stakeholders including parents, families and community agencies.

Currently, Harvard Park is developing a reading mentor program that will bring in parents and community members for one hour each week to read with targeted students. We have partnerships with five area churches and are currently in the process of recruiting volunteers both by word of mouth and by presentations to the various congregations. A training will be provided that will give mentors examples of how to facilitate reading activities during the hour long mentor process. Students and their parents will be able to meet with the mentors at an evening share time.

We will measure the success of this FACE team initiative in various ways. First of all, each student/mentor team will keep a reading log to monitor the amount of time they are reading each week as well as the various types of reading materials that they read through. In addition, End of Year DIBELS data will be used to measure progress in reading fluency. Finally, ISAT data will be reviewed in the fall for current 3-5 students.