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Science Night

Apr 28, 2017
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April and May Bulletin Boards

Jun 3, 2016 In April, it rained respect at Hazel Dell as students earned raindrops for showing respect at all times to all people in the building. In May, we celebrated students showing all three elements of RRK--Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness--with birds flying high!
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Apr 29, 2016 The Hazel Dell family has two new members, red slider turtles found right here at school. Each class was asked to suggest a boy name and a girl name for the turtles. Last night, students and family members who attended our Spring Fling voted on the names. Thank you to Mr.
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March Bulletin Board

Apr 4, 2016 In March, classes worked as teams to earn gold coins. Each day, if a class went referral-free, they got a gold coin to add to their pot of gold. Our top three classes--Mrs. Mattsson, Mr. Edwards, and Mrs. Freer--will get an ice cream party this month for having the most gold coins.
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February Bulletin Board

Mar 3, 2016 In February, students had the opportunity to earn hearts for putting their heart into their work. Nice job!!
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January PBIS Daily Reward

Feb 2, 2016 In January, we created a blizzard of snow in our main hallway with snowflakes given to students who showed outstanding Respect, Responsibility, and Kindness
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October PBIS Daily Reward

Oct 29, 2015 Our October reward was filling the Hazel Dell Pumpkin Patch with pumpkins. Students were rewarded for being respectful learners. As you can see, we have MANY respectful learners at Hazel Dell!!!
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Egg Drop

May 22, 2015 Mrs. Freer, Mrs. Hosseinali, and Mrs. Mattsson's classes designed containers to protect an egg dropped off the roof by Mr. Scott.
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