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November 14, 2017

Handles Franklin of The Harlem Globetrotters came to Iles to promote bullying prevetion in an all school assembly on Tuesday, November 14th. We welcomed him with our Me to We Bully Free banner thanks to the middle school EXPLORE class. Look for that picture on the official Harlem Globetrotters web page!

Handles did lots of astounding tricks that "wowed" our students! Many of the Iles students and teachers had a chance to be involved, too. FUN!!!! He taught the "ABC's of Bullying":

A= Action. If you see someone being bullied, or you are being bullied, DO SOMETHING! Report it to an adult.

B= Bravery. Taking action requires courage. Be brave and support the target of bullying. Report it to an adult. Don't just stand there and watch!

C= Compassion. Be a friend. Include others and welcome new students with friendship. Be the one who takes compassionate action!

The students were very engaged and really took in the message. ABC News Channel 20 and WCIA News Channel 3 were there, and many Iles students were on the evening news! Check those station's web pages to see the clips. We also took lots of pictures, so stay tuned!!