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Iles Everyone Matters Day Activities

April 18, 2018

Everyone Matters Week is April 23rd-27th. Students will take the Everyone Matters Non-Judgement Pledge. As a culmination of our year of service learning and our unit on the power of gratitude and kindness, and in co-operation with Everyone Matters, Iles students are invited to participate in the filming for one of Nimo's next new music videos on Friday, April 27th, our official Everyone Matter Day. ! We will begin first thing in the Iles Gym on Friday morning. Throughout the day, we will be filming in small groups. The clips will be sent to Nimo at the Gandhi Ashram in India to incorporate in his next music video.

At 7:00 p.m. in the evening, those who wish to will gather at The Howlett Building Auditorium to finish filming. All Iles families and students are invited to attend. Attendance is not mandatory. The public is also invited and encouraged to attend. The auditorium seats about 600. 

For more information about  Everyone Matters, please go to:


For info on Nimo Patel and his Gratitude Project, please go to:   


Nimo's TED Talk is at the bottom of the web page. He is inspiring!