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Congratulations Iles FLL Teams!

December 8, 2013
Iles FLL teams in Urbana

The three Iles FLL teams come together as one at the 2013 Urbana tournament.

Please congratulate the three Iles FLL teams for their outstanding performances at the Urbana tournament and for the awards they each won. GTD won the Robot Design Award, The Lego Licking Llamas won the Core Values award, and These Are The Droids You Are Looking For (T.A.T.D.Y.A.L.F.) won the Champions Award and will be competing in the Central Illinois Championship on January 18th.


Way to go!!!


 JLL   Mon, December 9, 2013

Your achievements are considerable and your effort is commendable. All of you have done very well and make me proud to know you!


 David L. Morgan   Mon, December 9, 2013

i had fun. it was my first competition. we got the best handout and core values awards.


 Isaac R.   Mon, December 9, 2013

Good job guys!!! :)


 Sean Burke   Tue, December 10, 2013

GTD also got 2nd in the Robotics challenge! ; )
It was really fun and new to me, since it was my first competition.
Thanks Sean and Mr. Morgan!


 Aashna P.   Tue, December 10, 2013

I'm so proud of all three teams!!


 Fumika Brudnak   Wed, December 11, 2013

Hey guys, this was my second year in Lego League and I will have to be leaving it for high school. :( I really enjoyed being on a team with such energetic and interesting people and hope they continue the team. I'm so proud of you all and good luck for next year.

Thank You Sean and Mr. Morgan!!!


 Alexis Dhamrait   Wed, December 11, 2013

Lets go keep it up


 Braden Dilbaitis   Fri, December 13, 2013

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