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JMS City Track Meet Results

May 5, 2014

Congratulations to the JMS track team on their performances at the 2014 City Track Meet. 7th grade boys and 7th grade girls finished in 3rd place. In addition, Hannah C. broke two JMS records in the 100meter hurdles and 100meter dash! We will add Hannah's name to the JMS track honor roll board by the east doors of the gym at the end of the season.

Here are the results and placers.
8th grade girls:
Ceola F. - 2nd place 100meter dash

8th grade boys:
Cody L. - 4th place shot put
Ananise M. - 5th place high jump
Ananise M. - 2nd place 110meter hurdles
Ananise M. - 2nd place 100meter dash
Geezus O. - 5th place 400meter dash

7th grade boys:
Calvin B. - 5th place long jump
Christon J. - 4th place shot put
Bryce T. - 5th place shot put
Bryce T. - 4th place discus
Tyrese P. - 2nd place 110meter hurdles
Calvin B. - 3rd place 110meter hurdles
Tyrese P. - 4th place 100meter dash
Tyrese P. - 3rd place 400meter dash
Tyrese P., Calvin B., Robin M., Jason W. - 1st place in the 4x100meter relay

7th grade girls:
Lezhuria W. - 3rd place long jump
Hannah C. - 3rd place high jump
Nora D. - 4th place shot put
Nora D. - 3rd place discus
Hannah C. - 1st place 100meter hurdles
Hannah C. - 1st place 100meter dash
Jordan Y., Tijunay R., Lezhuria W., Lauren F. - 3rd place in the 4x100meter dash