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End of the Year PRIDE Reward Guidelines

March 17, 2010

JMS 6th & 7th grade students will be rewarded with a trip to Knight's Action Park on May 24th. JMS 8th grade students will be rewarded with a trip to Six Flags in St. Louis on May 21st.

We are very proud of our students that do such a good job of showing their Jaguar PRIDE. We believe this field trip will be a great motivator for them to continue the good work. It is the hope of the staff that ALL students will qualify for the end of the year trips at the end of May. In order for students to go on the trip, they must:

• return the signed permission slip with WORKING phone numbers
• return the contract, signed by both the student and his/her guardian
• pay the fees for the trip [Six Flags ~$51 & Knight's Action Park ~$22]
• be eligible according to contract requirements

Contract Requirements:
• GRADES: passing all classes 4th quarter
• ATTENDANCE: 91% attendance from March 1 - field trip date
• BEHAVIOR: no suspensions during 4th quarter

~ Please note: Field trips will not be cancelled unless the park closes! ~