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Disaster/Emergency Preparedness Expectations

April 1, 2009

Respect Yourself
• Do not talk.
• Walk in the halls.
• Go to your assigned area.
• Return to class immediately when directed.

Respect Others
• Listen and follow all adult directions.
• Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

Respect Property
• Be gentle with the lockers and doors.

The safety of yourself and others is very important. We are trying to maintain an emotionally and physically safe environment for everyone.

If during a tornado drill someone steps on your hand, please don't overreact. You may want to scream but you know that your have to be quiet in order to listen for directions.

After the drill is finished, you notice that your friends are not returning immediately to class. It is understandable that you would want to stay with your friends, but you know you will get into trouble if you don't go to class.

During the tornado drill you see other students hitting each other while in line. You don't join in on that unacceptable behavior because you know you should keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.