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March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

• Attendance of 91%
• Good Education
- Good Grades
- Preparing You for Life
• Good Behavior
- Respect Yourself
- Respect Others
- Respect Property

Today is a B day.

Taji K., Keith W., Kalvin G., Austin B., & Mrs. Wash!

Main Entree: Catfish Sandwiches; Au Gratin Potatoes; Corn
Monday's Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza

JFL 2011 Registration ~ Junior Football League of Springfield will hold registration for Kindergarten through 8th grade students from 11AM-4PM at the following locations:

Tomorrow, March 12 - Goal's Indoor Sports, 3604 N. Peoria Rd.; Godfather's, 1549 S. Dirksen Parkway; Incredible Pizza Company, 2744 S. 6th St.; & White Oaks Mall

March 19 ~ April 16 & 23 ~ May 7 & 28 - Godfather's, 1549 S. Dirksen Parkway; Incredible Pizza Company, 2744 S. 6th St.; & White Oaks Mall

Registration Forms ~ There are registration forms for baseball, softball, soccer, & t-ball from the YMCA, Fairview Youth Athletic Association, & Cy Young Little League available in the rack outside of the Guidance Office. If you are interested, please check out the information rack.

Yearbooks are on sale for $25.00. Order yours today!

JMS is collecting yellow 5 Pepsi caps now through April 30, 2011. Purchase any Pepsi product with a YELLOW 5 cap. Save the cap & bring it to JMS. There is a collection bucket in the main office. You may also give the caps to Mrs. J-C Nosa in room 115. Jefferson will receive 5 for each yellow cap turned in.

If you are interested in playing youth baseball with this organization, there are registration forms in the Guidance Office. For more information, go to http://www.kidsfirstsports.org

When: Friday, March 18th from 7-10PM
Who: SHS Jazz Bands
What: An evening of Big Band music for dancing and listening ~ dance lessons from 7-7:30PM
Cost: $6 for adults & $4 for students

For more information, contact Jane Turner, SHS Band Parents President, at 793-8035.

• All students need to keep their hands to themselves whether in the halls or in the classrooms. Bullying and physical violence toward each other will not be tolerated.

• 7th & 8th grade students should not be passing through the 6th grade hallway. If you have a class in the 1st floor gym area, you must use the west stairs — NOT the stairs by the library.

• Every student must have a pass when coming to any of the offices. The only exception is for Check-In/Check-Out students. If you are needing to go to the office for the nurse, to speak with your Guidance counselor or administrator, or anyone else, you must have a pass!

If you have an after-school detention or activity, you should go directly to the detention or activity when the 2:30 PM bell rings. You are NOT allowed to come downstairs to talk to your friends in the hall or outside at the bus stop and then go back upstairs for your detention or activity. Once you leave the building, you are not allowed to come back in to serve a detention or participate in the activity. If you miss your bus, you will be allowed back inside to call for a ride.

Reminder that polo shirts cannot have logos and the cannot be pinned to hide the logo. Dress code violations should be sent to the Guidance Office.

Sweatshirts should:
• not be carried around
• not be tied around your waist
• not be just covering your arms!

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!