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Daily Announcements

December 16, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

• Attendance of 92%
• Good Education
- Good Grades
- Preparing You for Life
• Good Behavior
- Respect Yourself
- Respect Others
- Respect Property

We will be outside today at lunch. Bring your jacket with you to the cafeteria. You will NOT be allowed to go back to your locker.

Create your own trail mix featuring bite-sizes unsweetened whole grain cereals, walnuts or almonds, and raisins.

Heather R., Jalen F., Kelsie S., Marquis M., David W., Raekwon S., & David M.!

• No 3-D glasses
• No rubber bracelets
• No gum
• No ponytail holders to be worn anywhere other than your hair
• No jackets in classroom
• No jackets or sweatshirts worn tied at your waist
• No hoodies in the classroom
• No sagging of pants
• No shirts tied or knotted in the back
• No backpacks or string bags allowed in the classrooms
• All cell phones should be turned off and kept in your locker during the school day.
• All hats must be kept in your locker during the school day.

Main Entree: Spicy or Regular Chicken; Chicken Fajitas; Potato Wedges; Baked Beans; Broccoli
Monday's Breakfast: Breakfast Bagels or Biscuits & Gravy

Remember ~ All JMS students eat breakfast & lunch free of charge!

Clubs & Activities
Rebecca Caudill Award Winners ~ The following students are this month's Rebecca Caudill winners:

* Allisa F. who read Peak and won $10 & a book
* Victoria B. who read Magic Thief and won $5 & a book
* Dylan P. who read Woods Runner and won a book & a bookmark
* Tyler G. who read Extra Credit and won a book & school supplies
* Abbi M. who read Heart of Shepard and won a book & school supplies

Please keep reading ~ after winter break there will be only 36 days to get the rest of the reading done before February 10th. The party will be held on February 15th during lunch shifts and is by invitation only!

Yearbooks ~ If you would like to order a JMS 2011-2012 yearbook, please fill out the form and return it along with your payment to Mrs. Nosa in room 115. Yearbooks cost $20. Payment plans are available!

JMS String Bags ~ There is a limited supply of JMS Jaguars string bags. See Mrs. Berendes in room 202 with your money to get one while they last! The bags cost $12 each.

~ If you are sent to a buddy room or sent to the office on a referral on the day of a game, you will NOT be allowed to go to the game. This includes players on the team, cheerleaders & dancers. ~

6th Grade Girls' Volleyball ~ Practice from 4-6PM.

6th Grade Boys' Basketball ~ Game at Washington Middle School Saturday at 9:30AM against FMS.

Students: You may only go to your lockers before school, before and after lunch, and after school. If you are in your locker at any other time, you will receive consequences. You may not go to your locker between classes!

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!