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March 20, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

• Attendance of 92%
• Good Education
- Good Grades
- Preparing You for Life
• Good Behavior
- Respect Yourself
- Respect Others
- Respect Property

We will be outside at lunch today.

You can tell if a food contains transfats by checking the ingredient listing. If the ingredients include the words "partially hydrogenated" or "hydrogenated," then the food probably contains transfats. Health experts say that it would be best to eat no transfats.

Jewel R. & Alesha B!

• Please remove all hats and stocking caps when you enter the building.
• You will not be allowed in the building in the mornings until 7:50AM unless you have a pass. NO EXCEPTIONS!
• No 3-D glasses
• No rubber bracelets
• No gum
• No ponytail holders to be worn anywhere other than your hair
• No jackets in classroom
• No jackets or sweatshirts worn tied at your waist
• No hoodies in the classroom
• No sagging of pants
• No shirts tied or knotted in the back
• No backpacks or string bags allowed in the classrooms
• All cell phones should be turned off and kept in your locker during the school day. This includes before and after school when you are walking in the halls.
• All hats must be kept in your locker during the school day.

Main Entree: Chicken Strips; Spicy Popcorn Chicken; Au Gratin Potatoes
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Biscuits & Gravy

Please remember to pick up trays & trash and push in your chairs!

Remember ~ All JMS students eat breakfast & lunch free of charge!

Spring picture day will be Monday, March 26th. Students must comply with the dress code for these pictures. Mr. Barnes will call the students down by classes. Students must have an order form with the payment in order to leave the room to go take a picture. If they don't have these items, they cannot leave the room.

Regional Science Fair ~ Work sessions today and Wednesday after school in room 206. Regionals are Saturday!

WEB Meeting ~ There will be a WEB leader meeting today in room 121 to create a video for future WEB leaders.

Math Club ~ Math club will meet today after school until 4PM in room 107.

Yearbooks ~ Order your yearbook today! See Mrs. Nosa in room 115.

Yearbook Club ~ Meet Thursday after school at 2:30PM in room 115.

~ If you are sent to a buddy room or sent to the office on a referral on the day of a game, you will NOT be allowed to go to the game. This includes players on the team, cheerleaders & dancers. ~

Track ~ Track practice will be held Monday through Thursday from 2:45-4PM. Be in the gym and ready to practice by 2:45PM.

Freshmen Forward is a three-day freshmen orientation that will be held Tuesday, August 7th, Wednesday, August 8th, and Thursday, August 9th. Freshmen Forward will run from 8:24AM-2:17PM all 3 days. Incoming freshmen will have the opportunity to interact with other freshmen, upperclassmen, teachers, and administrators. Sessions will include information to help make the transition to high school a smooth one.

Conflict Resolution:
One way you can handle conflict is by using "I" messages; When you are trying to work out a problem with someone try telling them how you feel by saying:
* I feel mad (feeling)
* when I'm ignored at lunch (behavior)
* because it makes me feel like we're not friends. (effect behavior has on you)
* If we are going to be friends, I need for you to acknowledge me at all times. (what you need the other person to do)

At JMS I will ....
Discipline &
to show my Jaguar PRIDE!